A Jewel Along the Allegheny

Freeport Borough Council

Freeport Borough Seal

Freeport Borough Council meets the 1st and 4th Mondays of the month at the Freeport Municipal Building 414 Market Street at 7pm.

Minutes of the prior months meetings can be found here.

The public is welcome and encouraged to come to all council meetings. There is a citizen’s comment section to each meeting.


Next Council Meeting is Monday October 23, 2017.  The agenda for the next meeting will be published prior to the meeting and can be found here.


Richard W. Hastings Jr, President – hastings@freeportpa.com
Chairman Personnel Committee

John Mazurowski, Vice President – mazurowski@freeportpa.com
Chairman Finance Committee, Public Works Committee, and Property and Ordinance Committee

Thomas Swisher, President Pro Temp – swisher@freeportpa.com
Chairman Parks Recreation and Community Committee, Personnel Committee

Ronald Gallagher – gallagher@freeportpa.com
Chairman Public Works Committee, Finance Committee, and Parks and Recreation Committee

Donald Rehner – rehner@freeportpa.com
Public Safety Committee, Personnel Committee, and Property and Ordinance Committee

Sean McCalmont – mccalmont@freeportpa.com
Chairman Property and Ordinance Committee, Public Safety Committee and Public Works Committee

Matt Crytzer – crytzer@freeportpa.com
Chairman Public Safety Committee, Finance Committee and Parks and Recreation Committee


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