A Jewel Along the Allegheny



Freeport Borough Council

Pledge of Allegiance

Approval of the Minutes of the Regular Meeting April 23, 2018

Public Works Report

Police Report


Treasurer’s Report

Mayor’s Report

Solicitor’s Report

Citizen’s Comments




Public Works (Ron)

1.) Sewage Plant Update (if necessary)

2.) Borough Street Paving 2018

3.) Open bids for sale of Public Works dump truck and pickup

Public Safety (Melanie)

1.) Fireman’s Tax Incentive- Review & Approve Point System

2.) Armstrong County Land Bank / Blight Program (Tom Swisher / Brigid Beatty)

Parks, Recreation &Community (Sean)

1.) Baseball Field Use

2.) Boat Dock Rentals (Ron)

3.) Parking Spaces / Agreement

4.) DCNR Park Project Documents (if necessary)

Finance (Shawn)

1.) Delinquent Accounts (Ron)

2.) Collection Report

3.) Delinquent Rubbish Bills Procedure

4.) Cable Contract Discussion- Comments

Property & Ordinance (Justin)

1.) EQT / Trilogy Gas Well Status

2.) Parking and Garage Agreement Rewrite

Personnel (Dino)

1.) Executive Session- PW Contract Negotiation




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