A Jewel Along the Allegheny



Freeport Borough Council

Regular Meeting August 28, 2017


Pledge of Allegiance

Approval of the Minutes of the Regular Meeting August 7, 2017

Mayor’s Report

Citizen’s Comments

Standing Committees

Public Works

  • Norfolk Southern Resolution
  • Eshenbaugh Parking Request

Public Safety

Parks, Recreation &Community

  • 2nd Street Playground
  • Field Master Plan
  1. Parking on 2nd Street
  2. Mailki Lot
  3. EPD Invoice
  4. Public Meeting

*  Ballfield Use

  1. Teams
  2. Church Event
  3. Future fees



  • Delinquent Accounts
  • Collection Report
  • Police Pension

Property & Ordinance

  • County Blight Program


  • Resignation of C. Murtland from Zoning Hearing Board
  • Resignation of H. Singer from Zoning Hearing Board
  • Filling vacancies of Zoning Hearing Board


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