A Jewel Along the Allegheny

February 2016 Agenda Minutes

FEBRUARY 22, 2016

Council President Ricki Hastings opened the meeting at 7:00P.M. Council Members present were Tom Swisher, Ron Gallagher, Sean McCalmont; Mayor James Swartz, Treasurer Rich Hill and John Mazurowski, Don Rehner were absent.
The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag.

MINUTES- Council President Ricki Hastings asked Council to review the Minutes of the Regular Meeting February 01, 2016, and give any corrections to Borough Secretary. NO corrections were given.

MAYOR’S REPORT- The Mayor reported that the Police office has been painted, and waiting for the weather to break for the completion of the floor. The Mayor spoke at the College Club, that met on February 18, 2016 which he discuss the function of being the Mayor of Freeport. Nothing is official at this time but Eric Klopfer, part-time Police will be resigning.

CITIZEN’S COMMENTS- Chuck Sarver was here to talk about the Baseball Field to make it more functional for use for teams to play on; he had met with the Superintendent and Athletic Director of the High School on putting artificial turf on the field, and ask if the Borough would be interested in going on board with the project., which would cost around $200,000, Tom Swisher had suggested applying for a DCED Grant, Nothing was decided at this time. Bob Gorog, from the Planning Commission was present to talk about the function of the Planning Commission. Bob Gorog gave Ricki Hastings a disc of the Planning Commission 2004, and official copy of the zoning ordinances. A Resolution was adopted but never completed. The Commission is still looking for another member. Sean McCalmont ask Bob Gorog to work on the completion of the Comphrensive Planning, there were no objection by Council President Ricki Hastings to look at the Comphrenseive Planning.

PUBLIC WORKS- Furnace Piping will be voted on at Regular Council Meeting; March 07, 2016 cost will be $775.00 to make the furnace less noise resistant. Street Paving will be start with 4th underneath tunnel to Market, Seventh Street, Riverside to Market and Sixth Street. Sean McCalmont asked Council if there would be a problem in putting a temporary pipe behind his house to get water out of his yard. Council had no objection. The Recycling bin down at the end of Market needs to clean up, Council talked about putting in the paper for residents to get the area cleaned up, and seeing about putting cameras down there. Parking Meters, the digital are in good shape. Ron Gallagher report that Insight Piping Contracting found nothing when cameras were used in Phase I of the project for the Sewage Project. Cost for this project was reported to be $2,100.00

PUBLIC SAFETY-Amerikol Basting will beginning in August. Was reported that we need to start the process of interviewing for Part-Time Police Officer.

PARKS, RECREATION & COMMUNITY- There was a meeting with the Fish & Boat Commission on February 18,2016, Mayor James Swartz, Ricki Hastings and Ron Gallagher were in attendance for the boat launch lease. Election Day use of the Borough Office in April & November a motion will be made at the Regular Council Meeting , March 07,2016. Memorial Day Parade will be the same route as in the past. Tom Swisher stated that we not rush into anything in regards to the Ball Field use and Future Plans would like to keep for the community. Playground needs work done. Tom Swisher suggested doing a DCNR Study to determine what we should do with the field

FINANCE- Ron Gallagher reported there were 22 delinquent accounts that were posted. Ricki Hastings is working on a Resolution for the Fee Schedule. We have been out of contract with Direct Energy since 2013 and 2014 on the accounts. Still looking into an electricityprovider to switch into.

PROPERTY & ORDINANCE- Sean McCalmont reported that he will have Solicitor DeAngelis start drafting up the ordinance for the Boat Dock and Park Ordinance. Draft A, B, C, No Swimming, NO Pets and Smoking in designated area. Council talked about putting signs up in the park to enforce the ordinance. Parking Garage, Parking Spaces Leases are getting cleaned up and the use of parking tags will be used to determine ownership of vehicles.

PERSONNEL- Ricki Hastings nominated Borough Secretary; Carol Crytzer to be the Open Records Officer, vote will be taken at Regular Council Meeting March 07, 2016. Ricki Hastings announced the resignation of Council Person Tim Adams, which leaves a vacancy spot open on Council. Tracking paid time off policy needs to be in place. Time Clocks Time Clock Policy, Council asks the Mayor to check with ATI regarding a policy for time clocks. Zoning hearing board appointment is a three year term. Planning Commission needs someone on the board. PSAB Conference will be held in Hershey, PA , Ricki Hastings asked if anyone is interested in going. PSAB Training for Borough Secretary will be held May 25 & 26. vote will have to be taken at Regular Council Meeting March 07,2016.

TECHNOLOGY- The Borough Website is up and running. Borough email accounts will be set-up for everyone. RT Services still needs to be notified that we have accepted their proposal for our IT Services. John Mazurowski would like to meet with RT Services to go over the agreement.

Council President Ricki Hastings adjourned the Agenda Meeting at 9:28 P.M.

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