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Regular meeting May 4th, 2020

Important notice regarding Borough Council Regular Meeting to be held May 4th 2020.


Due to the current situation regarding state-wide quarantine, and social distancing guidelines, the Freeport Borough Office will be closed for the duration of the regular meeting, held May 7th.

As this is a public meeting, and your input IS still asked for, and attendance is recommended, Borough council has made alternative arrangements for attending this meeting.


Residents are encouraged to attend the meeting remotely, and a meeting has been setup via Zoom.


The meeting will be cast on the internet via zoom, and the meeting may be attended by one of two ways.

You may click on the ‘Join Zoom Meeting’ link below if you would like to join via PC, Mac, or tablet.




If you do not have means of joining by PC, you can still call in using the information below:

Phone: 1-646-558-8656

Meeting ID: 879 0469 9156


All public attendees will be muted for the duration of the meeting with the exception of during the period of public comment. If you do need to speak during the non-public comments portion of the meeting, please send a note in the Chat windows of the zoom meeting and place a request.


Thank you for your cooperation,

Freeport Borough Council

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